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Little Bee (The Other Hand)

Little Bee (The Other Hand)


by Chris Cleave

Technology and Modernization Quotes in Little Bee (The Other Hand)

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

I picked up the phone. The new text was indeed from Andrew. SO SORRY, it said. (2.163)

Sarah gets this text after the police tell her that Andrew has hanged himself. Some glitch delays Andrew's final transmission, so it arrives a good long time after he sends it.

Quote #5

"Me did a favor for one of dem immigration men, all right. He make a few changes on de computer, just put a tick in the right box, you know, an – POW! – up come de names for release. (3.244)

As Yevette reveals to Little Bee, their release from detention is a result of technological manipulation.

Quote #6

"Will you delete him for me, Bee? I can't do it." (5.116)

After Sarah accidentally calls Andrew (now dead) to get his advice on a problem, she asks Little Bee to delete him from her contacts, reminding us of the novel's UK title, The Other Hand.

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