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Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit


by Charles Dickens

Little Dorrit: Quotes (What was Said) True or False

1. Who said, "My son-in-law is already in debt again, and that I suppose I must clear him again"? -> Daniel Doyce
2. Who said, "I am the only child of parents who weighed, measured, and priced everything; for whom what could not be weighed, measured, and priced, had no existence."? -> William Dorrit
3. Who said, "And to think of Doyce and Clennam, and who Doyce can be delightful man no doubt and married perhaps or perhaps a daughter, now has he really?"? -> Flintwinch
4. Who said, "It is very seldom indeed that I can do that, because when I am not out at work, I am with my father, and even when I am out at work, I hurry home to him. But I pretend to-night that I am at a party."? -> Miss Wade
5. Who has a bizarre way of "clasping his wrists as if he were taking himself into custody"? -> Arthur Clennan