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The Little Prince

The Little Prince


by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince Chapter 22 Summary

  • Now, after saying goodbye to the fox, the prince continues to travel and meet people.
  • First up: a railway switchman.
  • He and the prince talk, and the switchman explains his job, saying he makes the trains go to the right or to the left. (Good times, right? Sounds riveting.)
  • The prince asks him what the travelers in the train are looking for; no one knows, says the switchman.
  • The prince asks him if the travelers were not satisfied where they were; no one is satisfied where they are, says the switchman.
  • The prince wants to know what the travelers are pursuing; nothing at all, says the switchman.
  • He tells the prince that the travelers are asleep or yawning in the trains. Only the children are awake and looking out the windows.
  • The prince states that only the children know what they are looking for, and the switchman concludes that children are lucky. (Score: Children=1; Adults=0.)

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