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The Little Prince

The Little Prince


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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The Little Prince Characters

Meet the Cast

The Little Prince

The little prince is a wisp of a boy with curly golden hair and a laugh that sounds like a million little bells. Remember this well! If you see him in your hood, give the narrator a holler. (S...

The Narrator

When you read this book, were you surprised to find out that it was narrated by an adult? We were! To be completely honest, the book’s wonderful illustrations had grabbed our attention, and we we...

The Fox

Although he only has a cameo role, the fox is a super-duper important character in this book. He teaches the prince lessons that the prince then teaches the narrator (and by extension us, the reade...

The Flower

The prince’s love for his flower causes him much pain and heartbreak. Let’s try to understand her better to see what all the fuss is about.Vanity, thy Name is FlowerThe flower grows from a stra...

The Snake

Is it possible to come across any snake in literature and not think of that snake? You know, the one in the Bible and Paradise Lost—the one that’s actually Satan. From all of this, it’s hard...

The King

After he leaves his own planet, the little prince first lands up on the planet of the king. The king can be compared to the prince himself. After all, they’re both royalty. But only the king make...

The Conceited Man

The second planet the prince visits is inhabited by this character. Both allegorically and literally, this guy takes an adult obsession with an adult thing—that same obsession we see character af...

The Tippler

“Tippler” means “drunkard,” and he inhabits the third planet that the prince visits. The little prince feels really sorry for the tippler because he looks so dejected. The tippler turns out...

The Businessman

The businessman inhabits the fourth planet the prince visits. Like the king, he thinks he has power though he really doesn’t. For example, he thinks he owns the stars just because he counts them....

The Lamplighter

Of all the people the prince meets—before the fox and the narrator, that is—the lamplighter seems like the best choice for friend material. The lamplighter lights a street lamp every night and...

The Geographer

Here’s another grown-up who’s rather full of himself and obsessed with “matters of consequence” (15.37):“Geographies,” said the geographer, “are the books which, of all books, are mos...

The Railway Switchman

The prince meets this guy as he’s wandering around on Earth. While the switchman has a tiny role in the book, he highlights for the prince (and for us readers) some other characteristics about th...

The Merchant

The merchant sells things that are supposed to be efficient. In particular, he sells a pill that quenches thirst. By swallowing it, you can save all the time you would have otherwise spent drinking...
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