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The Little Prince

The Little Prince


by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince Timeline and Summary

  • The prince meets the narrator in the desert and asks for a drawing of a sheep.
  • The prince tells the narrator that he’s from an asteroid where he has a special flower.
  • He has traveled to several different planets and met a variety of grown-ups: a king, a geographer, a businessman, a tippler, and a lamplighter.
  • On earth, he has met a railway switchman, a salesman, more flowers, and a snake.
  • The prince explains how he met and tamed a fox. The fox taught him important secrets, and the prince shares them with the narrator.
  • Eventually, it is time for the prince to go back to his planet.
  • He asks the snake to bite him so he can leave his body behind on Earth and travel back to his planet.
  • The prince bids the narrator goodbye, gets bitten, and disappears.