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A Little Princess

A Little Princess


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess Appearances Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

She was rather pretty and had been the best-dressed pupil in the procession when the Select Seminary walked out two by two, until Sara's velvet coats and sable muffs appeared... (4.6)

Oooh, Sara has all the best fashion when she comes to Miss Minchin's school. And of course her nice clothes win her an enemy at once: Lavinia.

Quote #2

"Well," she remarked, "I do not know whether your mamma would like you to tell stories to servant girls, but I know my mamma wouldn't like ME to do it." (5.16)

Lavinia cares way too much about whether people look "high class" enough for her to associate them. Really. Anyway, we guess we can't blame her, because she's obviously been learning this at home.

Quote #3

She did not look in the least like the rose-colored butterfly child who had flown about from one of her treasures to the other in the decorated schoolroom. She looked instead a strange, desolate, almost grotesque little figure. (7.157)

Sara's appearance truly takes a turn for the worse when her papa dies. You know its bad when your own narrator is describing you as "grotesque."

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