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A Little Princess

A Little Princess


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

A Little Princess Chapter 10 Summary

The Indian Gentleman

  • It's dangerous for Ermengarde and Lottie to come visit Sara though, because they'll all get into a lot of trouble if they're ever found out.
  • So Sara goes about her days and does all her errands alone, scurrying around like a little beggar.
  • When she's walking home sometimes, she sees the Large Family, a family that lives near Miss Minchin's school.
  • There are eight children in the house, and they should obviously have their own reality show.
  • They're rich and happy. Sara makes up stories about them and gives them names. She calls them the Montmorencys.
  • One evening, some of the Montmorencys are going to a children's party. Guy Clarence, the five-year-old, stops and sees Sara.
  • He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a sixpence, and gives it to Sara because he thinks she's a beggar girl.
  • She tries to give it back but Guy Clarence insists that she keeps it.
  • She does, even though she feels proud and a little ashamed.
  • The Large Family rides away in their carriage and the other children ask Donald (which is Guy Clarence's real name) why he offered Sara his sixpence.
  • She may be a servant, but she doesn't seem much like a servant—she doesn't act or talk like one, anyway.
  • Sara takes the sixpence and wears it around her neck.
  • One night, she tells Emily that she can't take this anymore. Emily doesn't say anything. Obviously. Because she's a doll.
  • If she did start speaking, this would be a totally different kind of story.
  • Sara knocks Emily off the chair, says that she's nothing but a doll, and starts to cry.
  • But then she feels bad and picks Emily back up again.
  • One day, when coming home, she sees that someone is moving in to the house next door.
  • The furniture being brought in is from India, which Sara is very excited about.
  • As she's watching, she sees the father of the Large Family walk up to the house—and so she realizes that he must know whoever has moved in.
  • Exciting times!
  • That night, Becky says that an Indian gentleman has moved in and he's very rich and ill—and that the Large Family's father is his lawyer.
  • (Brain snack: "Indian" here doesn't mean that he's actually Indian. He's English. He's just been living in India, and probably made his fortune there. Confusing? Yes. But that was a really common way of referring to English people living in India.)
  • It turns out that the new next-door neighbor doesn't have a family, and one day he arrives with the father of the Large Family and a nurse and two men-servants.
  • Lottie says the man is yellow, but Sara corrects her and says that he's just very ill.

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