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A Little Princess

A Little Princess


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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A Little Princess Characters

Meet the Cast

Sara Crewe

Sara is almost too good to be true: smart, brave, and kind, she's saved from being completely unbelievable by the fact that she's just not that pretty. (At least, according to her.) But it's what's...


Poor Becky. Sara gets to inherit diamond mines, while Becky gets to … be her servant. What's up with that?Street UrchinAbout all we know about Becky is that she's "fourteen years old, but was so...

Miss Minchin

Disney couldn't come up with a better villain. This is a woman who literally is jealous and resentful of a nine-year-old girl because (1) she speaks better French than her and (2) doesn't act scare...


Burnett doesn't pull her punches with Ermengarde: she has "light, rather dull, blue eyes;" she's a "fat child who did not look as if she were in the least clever;" and, when we meet her, she's gnaw...


Little Lottie is a little brat. Sorry, but it's true. We learn that she has been treated like "a very spoiled pet monkey" and that she is "a very appalling little creature." It's not her fault or a...


Oh, Lavinia. She isn't imaginative or interesting or anything that might make her appealing—she's just mean. Like, Mean Girls mean. Check out what she says about Ermengarde: "She IS too fat,...

Mr. Carrisford

The first glimpse we get of Mr. Carrisford, the "Indian gentleman" who moves in next door, isn't too encouraging: he's "a man with a haggard, distressed face, and a skeleton body wrapped in furs" (...

Ram Dass

Ram Dass is the Indian servant who's come back with Mr. Carrisford. We don't learn too much about him, but we don't need to: we know that he's Indian, and in this book, that's enough.Just like this...

The Large Family

The Large Family is a family with many children. (We're not talking Duggar-style large, but still pretty large.) Sara doesn't meet them until she's poor, and at that point they represent everything...
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