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Little Women

Little Women


by Louisa May Alcott

Amy March Timeline and Summary

  • Amy is sitting with her sisters on Christmas Eve, lamenting the fact that her family is poor.
  • Amy takes part in a play written by her sister Jo.
  • Amy resolves to carry her "burdens" gracefully.
  • Amy convinces Meg to give her the family's rag money for the month so that she can buy pickled limes to share with her friends at school.
  • Amy is caught with the pickled limes in her desk and punished by her teacher by being hit across the hand with a ruler.
  • Amy leaves school and swears she will never go back.
  • Amy promises her mother that she is mature enough to be home-schooled.
  • Amy is angry when Jo, Laurie, and Meg go to a play without her. In revenge, she burns Jo's manuscript.
  • Amy apologizes to Jo, but is not forgiven.
  • Amy runs after Jo and Laurie, who are going ice skating.
  • Amy falls through a weak spot in the ice and is rescued by Jo and Laurie.
  • Amy and Jo are reconciled.
  • Amy experiments with being lazy and discovers she doesn't like it.
  • Amy attends "Camp Laurence" and meets Laurie's British friends, the Vaughns.
  • Amy participates in the Pickwick Club with her sisters.
  • Amy describes her "castle in the air" to Laurie and her sisters.
  • Amy is disturbed when the family receives a telegram saying that Mr. March has been injured.
  • Amy is well-behaved and helps the family while Mrs. March is gone.
  • Amy is sent to stay at Aunt March's while Beth is ill with scarlet fever.
  • Amy, with the help of Aunt March's maid Esther, creates a little chapel for herself at Aunt March's house.
  • Amy makes a will.
  • Amy shows the chapel to her mother, who has just returned from Washington.
  • Amy is overjoyed to return home for Christmas and to see her father again.
  • Amy attends Meg's wedding.
  • Amy experiments with many different artistic methods and forms.
  • Amy convinces Jo to help her pay calls on their wealthy friends and neighbors, with disastrous effects.
  • Amy takes part in a fair organized by Mrs. Chester and impresses everyone with her unselfish, generous behavior.
  • Amy is invited to go to Europe with her Aunt and Uncle Carrol and cousin Flo.
  • Amy has a wonderful time traveling around Europe, seeing the sights, especially great art.
  • Amy is reunited with Fred Vaughn, who courts her.
  • Amy is reunited with Laurie, who falls in love with her.
  • Amy lectures Laurie on his lazy behavior.
  • Amy refuses Fred's proposal of marriage.
  • Amy is distraught to learn of Beth's death.
  • Amy and Laurie get married.
  • Amy and Laurie return home and tell their families about their wedding.
  • The pair resolve their fortune to help young men and women who have talent and need a little money to succeed.
  • Amy gives birth to a daughter and names her Beth.
  • Amy and Laurie worry about Beth's health.
  • Amy begins making a marble sculpture of Beth.