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Little Women

Little Women


by Louisa May Alcott

Beth March Timeline and Summary

  • Beth is sitting around with her sisters on Christmas Eve, trying to convince them that they are rich in family and love, even if they don't have much money.
  • Beth acts in a play written by her sister Jo and performed for their friends and family.
  • Beth resolves to carry her "burdens" gracefully.
  • Beth must overcome her shyness in order to take advantage of Mr. Laurence's offer to let her play his piano.
  • Beth and Mr. Laurence become close friends. Beth reminds Mr. Laurence of the granddaughter he had who died.
  • Beth participates in a meeting of her sisters' Pickwick Club.
  • Beth is the only one of the sister who can't actually make herself be lazy, even as an experiment.
  • Beth participates in "Camp Laurence" and meets Laurie's friends, the Vaughns.
  • Beth tells her sisters and her friend Laurie that she doesn't have a "castle in the air"; she just wants to stay at home and take care of her parents and sisters.
  • Beth is distraught when her family receives a telegram saying that her father has been wounded.
  • Beth cares for the poor Hummel family alone while her mother is gone.
  • Beth catches scarlet fever from the Hummel family's baby.
  • Beth is extremely sick and Laurie sends for Mrs. March.
  • Beth recovers from the scarlet fever but is never the same.
  • Beth is overjoyed when her father returns home.
  • Beth attends her sister Meg's wedding.
  • Beth realizes that she is dying.
  • Beth makes Jo promise to take her place as caretaker for her parents.
  • Beth reconciles herself to an early death and tries to make her peace with God.
  • Beth dies.