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Little Women

Little Women


by Louisa May Alcott

Daisy and Demi Brooke

Character Analysis

Daisy and Demi are the twin children of Meg and John Brooke. They are loosely named for their parents – "Daisy" is a nickname for Margaret, which is Meg's full name and her mother's first name also; "Demi" is short for "Demijohn," making Demi the namesake of his father John Brooke. Meg's twins may look alike, but their personalities are radically different. Daisy is a quiet, obedient girl who likes to play homemaker, while Demi is curious, questioning, and constantly getting into mischief. Somehow, though, Demi is almost more of a favorite with the family – perhaps because he has a stronger personality, or is a more realistic character. We're not sure if any child is really as perfect as Daisy.