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Little Women

Little Women


by Louisa May Alcott

Jo March Timeline and Summary

  • Jo, aged fifteen, is sitting with her sisters on Christmas Eve, lamenting the fact that they have no money.
  • Jo's sisters perform a play that she has written.
  • She meets her neighbor Laurie.
  • Jo resolves to carry her "burdens" gracefully.
  • Jo nurses Laurie while he is sick and they become even better friends.
  • Jo goes to a play with Meg and Laurie.
  • She discovers that Amy has burned her manuscript.
  • Jo goes skating with Laurie and ignores Amy running after them.
  • Jo feels guilty for Amy's accident on the ice and resolves to keep her temper.
  • Jo convinces her sisters to let Laurie join their Pickwick Club.
  • Jo experiments with doing whatever she wants and abandoning all her household duties. She doesn't like it very much.
  • Jo takes part in "Camp Laurence," Laurie's picnic for his British guests, the Vaughns.
  • She describes her "castle in the air" to Laurie and her sisters.
  • Jo secretly publishes two of her short stories, then reveals her success to her family and friends.
  • Jo is horrified when her family receives a telegram stating that Mr. March has been injured.
  • Jo and Meg try to run the household while their mother is away nursing their father in Washington.
  • Jo nurses Beth, who has scarlet fever.
  • She is overjoyed when her mother returns home and Beth starts to get better.
  • Jo is disgusted with Meg's growing affection for John Brooke.
  • Jo is excited by her father's return.
  • Jo is depressed by Meg's engagement to John Brooke.
  • She devotes herself to writing and taking care of Beth.
  • Jo attends Meg's wedding.
  • Jo wins a $100 prize in a short story competition.
  • Jo publishes her novel in a heavily edited form and receives mixed reviews.
  • She and Amy pay calls on their neighbors, and Jo's erratic behavior horrifies her proper sister.
  • Jo's bad behavior causes her aunts to send Amy to Europe instead of Jo.
  • Jo tries to figure out what is upsetting Beth and decides that she must be in love with Laurie.
  • Jo goes to New York as a governess to the Kirke children.
  • Jo gets to know Mr. Bhaer, who becomes her good friend and advisor.
  • She returns home and turns down Laurie's proposal of marriage.
  • Jo discovers that Beth is dying.
  • Jo nurses Beth through her illness and mourns her sister's death.
  • Jo feels lonely and wishes that she could find happiness in marriage like her sisters Meg and Amy.
  • She and Mr. Bhaer get engaged.
  • Jo inherits Aunt March's mansion, Plumfield.
  • Jo and Mr. Bhaer open a boarding school for boys.
  • Jo lives happily, if busily, ever after!