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Quote #10

"I'll believe it, with all my heart, but, Teddy, we never can be boy and girl again. The happy old times can't come back, and we mustn't expect it. We are man and woman now, with sober work to do, for playtime is over, and we must give up frolicking. I'm sure you feel this. I see the change in you, and you'll find it in me. I shall miss my boy, but I shall love the man as much, and admire him more, because he means to be what I hoped he would. We can't be little playmates any longer, but we will be brother and sister, to love and help one another all our lives, won't we, Laurie?" (43.48)

Jo has learned something that Laurie has yet to understand – that adulthood means sacrificing the playful spirit of their childhood relationship. Things are going to be Very Serious from here on out…OK, not all that serious actually, but you get the idea.

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