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Living in Sin

Living in Sin


by Adrienne Rich

Living in Sin Resources


Biography of Adrienne Rich

Here's a biography of Adrienne Rich. You can check out some of her other poems here, too.

Modern American Adrienne

This is a reliable, rich source of info on, and poetry by, Rich.



Here's Rich's poem set to slides and music.

Tribute II

Here's a student video interpretation of "Living in Sin."

Rich Reads

Here's a cool introduction to some of her later, more political poetry.

Rich Responds

Check out this interview with Rich, in which she discusses art, relationships, and how she writes poetry. The interview is followed by a recording of her reading poetry in Chile (and speaking Spanish too!).


Rich @ UPenn

It could take you days to listen to all these recordings, but it would be well worth it! It's always really interesting to hear a poet read and discuss her own work, especially since sound and tone play such a large role in how we understand poetry. Check out readings by other contemporary authors on the same website too!


Young Adrienne

Here's a sweet photo of the poet.

That's Our Adrienne

Here's a well-known photo portrait of the poet.

Artsy Tribute

Check out this image of Rich, mixed with other images.

Articles and Interviews

New Yorker Original

This is awesome sauce. Check out the poem as it first appeared in the New Yorker magazine!


Here's the New York Times obituary for this great poet, who passed away in 2012.


A Change of World

Here's Rich's very first book, which won the prestigious Yale Younger Poets award.

Diving Into the Wreck

This is one of Rich's most famous books.

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