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Logarithms and Exponential Functions

Logarithms and Exponential Functions

Exponential Functions Examples

Example 1

Graph 2x and x2, determine graphically where they meet. Where in the domain of x > 0 is 2x greater than x2?

Example 2

Find the function from the set {1,3 ; 2,9 ; 3,27}, is it exponential or linear?

Example 3

Solve the exponential equation for y: 32x + 4 = 9y

Example 4

Solve for x in the exponential equation:

Example 5

Solve for x without using a calculator:

Example 6

Find the coefficient C and base b for the exponential function y = Cbx from the following set: {1,4 ; 2,8 ; 5,64}

Example 7

Is this graph an exponential or log function?

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