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Logarithms and Exponential Functions

Logarithms and Exponential Functions

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Linking Exponents and Logarithms

You might be wondering how Expo and Log got together in the first place. It couldn't just be Expo's charming good looks, right? In this section, you're going to learn all about how logarithms and exponents are connected—how they're the same and how they're total opposites of one another.

What's a Log, Anyway?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how logs work, let's take a gander at how they look. Here's one:


Weird, right? Why is there a number below the log? What's the log doing to the x? Sometimes you've got to know what's inside to know how something works. Just like in biology class, except as we cut into exponents and logarithms it won't be nearly as squishy or disgusting. We promise.

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