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Logarithms and Exponential Functions

Logarithms and Exponential Functions

Home Algebra II Logarithms and Exponential Functions Module Quizzes This Is How You Solve It True or False Quiz

Logarithms and Exponential Functions: This Is How You Solve It True or False

1. Evaluate y = 43x – 4 when x = 2.->9
2. What does log(1) equal?->-1
3. What is y = 4log(2x) equivalent to?->y = log(16x4)
4. What does log(-1) equal?->Undefined
5. What is equivalent to?->y = ln x + ln y + ln z
6. What is y = log4 (x + 2) + log4 16 equivalent to?->y = log4 (16x + 8)
7. What does 4ln(e2) equal?->2e
8. What does 2log2(410) equal?->200
9. What is log4(12x) in base-10?->
10. Simplify y = log5(ex) by changing its base.->