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Logarithms and Exponential Functions Resources


Logarithms: Introduction to "The Relationship"

They make it sound like logarithms and exponents are going steady. (In a very serious way.) This page gives an excellent overview of how logarithms and exponents are related, and how they can be simplified.

Inverse Functions

Feel like getting your world turned upside-down again? We sure do. Strap yourself in and bring a doggy bag if necessary, because this site focuses all on inverse functions and operations.

Regents Prep: Exponential Functions

If graphs really get you fired up, this site is for you. It contains a solid re-visit of exponential functions and how they are graphically different from logs.


TED Ed Lessons: Logarithms Explained

A video with a breakdown of logarithms using wiggly, wobbly numbers and a set of really red eyes. It's also got a good example of how logarithms apply to chemistry.

AOL On: How to Simplify Logarithms

If you'd like to bone up on some of the basic rules of simplifying logarithms with a helpful narrator to guide you through, this is the place.

Exponential Growth Functions

This video has a good overview of graphic exponential functions, and a demonstration of how exponential functions never go to the dark side. Er, negative side.

Online Math Learning: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

We heard there was a bulk sale on math videos over here. Practically anything you can imagine involved with exponentials and logs is explained in moving-picture form for your enjoyment.


Quia: Rags to Riches Exponents and Logs Game

Who wants to be a fake millionaire? We knew you would. This game is a quiz-show style affair that tests your knowledge of exponential and logarithmic functions. Three lifelines, no phone-a-friend—can you win?

Lake Tahoe Community College: Exponential Equations

Here's an interesting take on solving exponential equations. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure book for efficient solving methods. If you want to sharpen your skills at recognizing the best path to take, this is the place to do it.

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