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Algebra II Terms

Get down with the lingo


Exponential Function

A function with the x in the exponent over a constant base, which grows or decays depending on the value of the base. Coefficient optional, like mayonnaise.

Inverse Function

A function with switched input and output values from the original function. When graphed, it is a mirror image across both axes.

Inverse Operation

A symbol that reverses the original operation, given the same input. Think about adding two then subtracting two.

Logarithmic Function

A function containing a logarithm, which rises quickly at very low values of x and then puts on the brakes hard to slow down at higher values of x.

Logarithmic Scale

A graphing scale that increases at an exponential rate. It's usually recognizable by tick-marks at uneven intervals and weird googley eyes attached.

Natural Logarithm

A logarithm with a base of e, often written as ln. Contains no preservatives.


A way, usually represented by a symbol, to manipulate one or more input numbers and create one or more outputs. Not the board game, and definitely not surgery.

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