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Your Field Guide to Spotting Loki

Loki is hard to spot because he's a shape-shifter, and a tricky one at that. On Middle-Earth, he's sometimes thought of as a fire god, maybe because of his red hair and his flickering, shape-shifting nature. If you do spot him, watch out – he always has a trick up his sleeve.

Physical Description

Sex: Male (usually)
Age: Often young, but not always
Build: Fit
Complexion: Pale
Hair color: Usually red
Facial hair: Sometimes he has a full beard, sometimes he's clean-shaven
Scars/marks/tattoos: A few scars where his lips were once sewn shut. Ouch.
Jewelry and accessories: Stolen objects
Clothing: His dress style changes, and he occasionally dresses in drag
Armor: None
Type of weapon: His clever brain

Typical Companions

  • Thor
  • His monstrous children
  • The horse Svaldifari

Other Notes

Known hangouts: He could be anywhere. Like, right behind you.

Known disguises: Loki, a registered shape-shifter, has been seen in the form of a mare, dressed as a bridesmaid, and in many other disguises.

Escape vehicle: Loki has been known to borrow Freyja's magical feather dress as a form of transportation.

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