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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 1, Chapter 15 Summary

  • While Lolita pouts in her room and reads comic books, Charlotte talks about what a naughty girl she is to Humbert. Lolita's problem is, Charlotte explains, she thinks she's a starlet.
  • Charlotte has told Lolita that Humbert wants Lolita off at camp too, so now the nymphet thinks he's a traitor.
  • Humbert confirms that he had, at that point, "fallen in love with Lolita forever" (1.15.3) and would continue to love her even though she was about to turn thirteen. He then goes into a detailed description of her physical qualities (and if you use a dictionary you will discover what a sicko he really is).
  • Humbert worries that other predators at "Camp Q" will get at Lolita at compromise her nymphet status.
  • Some gratification is achieved when Lolita gives Humbert a big kiss on the mouth when she goes off to camp.

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