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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 1, Chapter 18 Summary

  • Wedding plans begin, during which time Charlotte begins to quiz Humbert on his loyalties to God. Apparently his faith is important because she threatens to kill herself if he is not a good Christian.
  • Charlotte immediately takes to the idea of being Humbert's wife, acting like a refined lady and a domestic goddess. She also really looks like she is in love, which makes her a little bit pretty to him. When he feels pangs of disgust toward Charlotte, he reminds himself of his wife's biological proximity to Lolita.
  • Charlotte also goes on a nesting tear, fixing up everything in the house from sofa to blinds and reading books with titles like Your Home is You (1.18.8).
  • Humbert and Charlotte do some socializing with the Farlows – John and Jean. John handles "some of Charlotte's [legal] affairs" (1.18.9). Jean is John's young wife and cousin with pointy breasts and red lips. Their niece, Rosaline, attends school with Lolita.
  • One day, John Farlow shows Humbert how to use a gun.

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