by Vladimir Nabokov
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Lolita Book 1, Chapter 19 Summary

  • Humbert warns us that a bad accident is going to happen, but first a few words about the new Mrs. Humbert. For one, she is jealous, possessive, and nosy. She wants all the details of Humbert's past affairs, so he makes up some things to make her happy. Charlotte thrills at the stories and reciprocates by providing lurid details of her many erotic experiences.
  • Humbert finds Charlotte's stories about as interesting as her autopsy would be. Unfortunately she does not discuss Lolita nearly enough – and her dislike of her own daughter annoys him.
  • She does mention having a baby with Humbert, an idea that not surprisingly revolts him. He much prefers the "incestuous thrill" (19.3) of being Lolita's daddy.

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