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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 1, Chapter 21 Summary

  • Charlotte charges on, busying herself by working on the house, yammering on the phone, and mailing letters.
  • One night, Charlotte announces that she has planned a trip to England. Humbert resists by recourse to a lecture about how married couples make decisions together. He adds that he is "allergic to Europe" (1.21.8) because of bad memories from the place. Charlotte begs for forgiveness and wants to make love immediately.
  • Humbert retreats to his den where he pretends to get work done.
  • Meddlesome Charlotte can't stand to leave him alone. One day she finds his desk locked, which makes her very suspicious. She mentions going to a hotel called The Enchanted Hunters for a romantic getaway. Humbert is concerned that the desk may not be well hidden enough.

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