by Vladimir Nabokov
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Lolita Book 2, Chapter 11 Summary

  • Headmistress Pratt invites Humbert over for a little chat. Lolita's grades are poor and Pratt is concerned about the young girl's "onset of sexual maturing" (2.11.6).
  • Pratt proceeds to offer a Freudian interpretation of Lolita's sexuality and a lengthy review of each teacher's thoughts on the pupil, Dolly Haze. Pratt recommends that Lolita be allowed to date boys and participate in the school play, The Enchanted Hunters.
  • Humbert promises to talk all of the issues out with Lolita, then secretly considers marrying her so he can murder her.
  • Humbert seeks out Lolita and offers her 65 cents for a sexual favor.

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