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Lolita Book 2, Chapter 13 Summary Page 1

  • Lolita becomes obsessed with The Enchanted Hunters, the play she is working on at school in which she plays the farmer's daughter.
  • Humbert can't be bothered to read the play, because he is too busy working. He does note the coincidence of the play's name and the name of the first hotel in which he and Lolita had sex. He doesn't bring that point up to Lolita because he is sure she will be indifferent.
  • He reflects upon his thoughts of the play, which were that it was part of some local tradition, a silly little schoolchild's fantasy story rather than the reality that it was some work by a noted playwright and had recently been produced in New York.
  • Surprisingly, Lolita brings up the title of the play one day, asking Humbert if it was the hotel where he raped her.

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