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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 2, Chapter 16 Summary

  • Back to a series of second-rate motels, now a little more developed and hotel-like.
  • Humbert begins reflecting on what he calls "McFate," thinking about all of the elements that converged to bring him where he is.
  • He begins suspecting that Lolita is communicating with someone as she often disappears for short periods, excusing herself to use the toilet.
  • Lolita has become moodier, often changing her mind about their destination and wanting to lie about and read magazines all day.
  • One day, returning from the market, Humbert gets a strange feeling as he approaches their cabin. Lolita, who refused to get out bed before, is now completely dressed. She was up to something while he was out. She has a strange glow.

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