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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 2, Chapter 19 Summary

  • They stop in a post office in Wace. Humbert intercepts a letter from Mona, which he promptly reads. When he looks up from the letter, Lolita is nowhere to be seen.
  • After much panic, he finds her. She says she ran into a friend from Beardsley. Again, Humbert knows she is lying.
  • Humbert is angered by Lolita's slippery ways and announces that he has recorded the license plate of the car that is following them. He opens the glove compartment to produce the evidence only to find she has erased some of the numbers. He slaps her across the face. He knows they are doomed.
  • Now Humbert believes he is seeing Trapp in other cars. One day when he gets a flat tire, he decides to confront Trapp, who quickly speeds off. Humbert is fairly sure he is losing his mind and becoming homicidal.

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