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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 2, Chapter 20 Summary

  • Humbert believes that Lolita's dramatic training has taught her how to betray him. Nonetheless, he enjoys playing audience to her performances. She is such a vision in her tennis get-up that Humbert would like to film her. She has become quite the graceful and athletic tennis player. She doesn't really enjoy the game and prefers swimming and acting. Humbert admits that he just loves games, chess included because they all have a certain "magic" (2.20.13).
  • In Colorado, Lolita begins playing quite a bit of tennis. On one particular day, Humbert goes to fetch some refreshments. A man informs him that he has received an important call from the head of Beardsley school. He suspects that the call was an elaborate distraction and checks on Lolita.
  • Lolita is still playing tennis, now with some odd character whose familiarity with her unnerves Humbert. When he asks her doubles partners about the man, they play dumb.

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