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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 2, Chapter 22 Summary

  • Humbert considers that the suspicions about Trapp are part of his "persecution mania" (2.22.1), a product of his addled brain.
  • Lolita comes down with a terrible fever. He cannot avoid taking her to the hospital and finds that he must, to his great disappointment and fear, leave her on the hands of the doctors. Humbert is now convinced that her illness is part of a plan involving her "secret lover" (2.22.3).
  • Humbert visits her many times, bringing her books and flowers. One day he notices a crumpled envelope on her tray and gets strange vibes from the nurse who claims it belongs to her.
  • Now Humbert feels sick, but insists that he will pick up Lolita from the hospital the next day. When he phones the hospital, they inform him that her uncle, Mr. Gustave, has retrieved her and that they will meet Humbert at "Grandpa's ranch as agreed" (2.22.28).
  • Humbert becomes crazed and barely manages to leave the hospital. He is glad he has a gun and vows to destroy his "brother" (2.22.29).

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