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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 2, Chapter 29 Summary

  • Lolita, large and pregnant and wearing glasses, answers the door. Lolita indicates that her husband is working on a nearby shack. She explains that Dick knows nothing of her sordid past with Humbert. She is still beautiful, though a far cry from the nymphet he once knew.
  • Humbert interrogates her about the man who stole her from him. Needing money, Lolita confesses, the mystery man was "the only man she had ever been crazy about" (2.29.30). The man had an uncle in Ramsdale and had spotted her with Humbert at The Enchanted Hunters hotel; his name is Clare Quilty.
  • Lolita introduces her ordinary blue-collar husband to her "father." Humbert can hardly dislike the guy; in fact he sort of pities his simplicity.
  • Humbert continues to question Lolita. He wants to know what happened to her lover. He accuses her of betraying him. She confesses that she was warned about "Cue" (the lover) because he liked little girls and had almost been jailed once for this criminal preference.
  • After Quilty snatched Lolita from the hospital, they wound up at a ranch where Cue and his friends took part in all manner of orgy-like practices (including making porn films) that Lolita wanted nothing to do with. Cue kicked her out. Lolita got a job as a waitress and met Dick.
  • Though worn and exhausted looking, Lolita still appeals to Humbert. He will always love her; he begs her to leave with him, promising that they will "live happily ever after" (2.29.68). She offers sex for the money she needs, but he explains that he wants her, not the sex.
  • He gives her four thousand dollars. Lolita says she would never return to him. She would sooner go back to Cue. Extremely choked up, Humbert leaves.

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