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by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Book 2, Chapter 8 Summary

  • Lolita's attraction to local boys has become a point of concern. For support, Humbert turns to a local advice column, which advises welcoming young male admirers to the house and making friends with them. Instead, Humbert creates a list of house rules that dictates her interactions with boys, such as where she can go, whom she can go with, and what she can do and discuss at such places. Lolita is, of course, angered by his hypocritical protectiveness.
  • Humbert knows he can't stop her from doing everything and noses around her room to find evidence. He also watches her hawk-like when she talks to boys on the street. He experiences a deepening sense of jealousy and fear.
  • At the same time, he congratulates himself for making all sorts of dazzling impressions on people, none of which include pervert or pedophile.

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