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by William Blake

London Resources


A Place Called Home (for Blake)

Here's a great site devoted to Blake.

Guide to the Thames

This website is dedicated to the history of the Thames, which flowed in Blake's day.

Blake the Painter

Poet and painter? You know it. This page offers some of Blake's most famous paintings.

Digital Blake

This digital resource is filled with Blake material, including a concordance. Log on and enjoy.

Blake Archive

Here's the mother load, the most complete source of Blake's illuminated works.


Blake Jam

Some dude sings the poem alongside music he wrote, and sweet images, too.

Shock Rock

That's right, Marilyn Manson reads the "Proverbs of Hell," from one of Blake's longer works, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.


Tom O'Bedlam Reading

Now this is what the poem should sound like. O'mazing.

Librivox Reading

Enjoy another take on this poem.


Blake's Looking Up

This is a very famous of painting of Blake. He appears to be pondering something. Maybe he can see something we can't.

London Drawing

Hmm, why is a little kid leading an old dude?

Blake at Rest

This gravestone indicates that Blake and his wife lie nearby.

Articles and Interviews

Blake and the Beast

Here's a short discussion of "London" from the great E.P. Thompson's book, Witness Against the Beast.


Bloomin' Blake

That's right, Harold Bloom once wrote a book about William Blake, too.

The Full Kit and Kaboodle

Here's that standard edition of Blake's complete works, edited by David Erdman.

Blake and Politics

Here's a famous book by David Erdman about Blake.

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