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Long Day's Journey Into Night

Long Day's Journey Into Night


by Eugene O'Neill

James Tyrone, Jr. (Jamie) Timeline and Summary

  • (Since so little actually happens in this play, here's the very short list of things Jamie actually does. If you want a timeline of how his character develops through conversation, which is more important to a play like this, head to the "Detailed Summary.")
  • Jamie laughs with Edmund in the dining room before finally entering the living room and talking with the family.
  • He goes out to do yard-work with James.
  • He re-enters the living room a bit before James, and nabs a glass of whiskey with Edmund.
  • They both speak with Mary until James returns for lunch.
  • Jamie stays in the living room talking until it's time to change for lunch, after which he goes into town with Edmund and their father.
  • He spends all afternoon and evening drinking and hitting up the local brothel.
  • He comes home well after midnight, drunk, and stays in the living room with James and Edmund until Mary's climactic "mad scene" and the end of the play.