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Long Day's Journey Into Night

Long Day's Journey Into Night


Eugene O'Neill

Mary Cavan Tyrone Timeline and Summary

  • (Since so little actually happens in this play, here's the very short list of things Mary actually does. If you want a timeline of how her character develops through conversation, which is more important to a play like this, head to the "Detailed Summary.")
  • Mary sits down and chats after breakfast with the family.
  • She goes upstairs to "nap" (read: take morphine).
  • She comes downstairs for lunch; it's obvious that she's high as she talks to Edmund and Jamie before lunch.
  • After lunch, she yells at James for a bit, then heads upstairs for another hit.
  • She comes back down soon after, even more zoned out, and speaks with James.
  • After going into town to get her morphine, she sits in the living room chatting with Cathleen. Once Cathleen leaves, she sits by herself for a bit.
  • Mary decides to take another hit, but the return of James and Edmund stops her.
  • After speaking with both of them, she goes upstairs to take more morphine instead of having dinner with her husband.
  • Finally, at the end of the play, Mary comes down with her wedding dress to find Jamie, Edmund, and James seated in the living room. She has the last word.

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