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The Lorax
The Lorax
by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax Language and Communication Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"I will call you by Whisper-ma-Phone,
for the secrets I tell are for your ears alone. (42-43)

Everybody loves a secret! But by the end of the story, it seems like maybe this shouldn't be so secretive after all…

Quote #2

"Now I'll tell you," he says, with his teeth sounding gray,
"how the Lorax got lifted and taken away…" (51-52)

Dr. Seuss chooses his words wisely to let us know that the Once-ler is, ahem, no longer young. And the Once-ler also has a way with words. Since we've read the story, we know that the Lorax lifts himself and takes himself away—but the Once-ler uses the passive voice to make things sound even eerier than they are. He's learned a thing or two about storytelling since back in the day.

Quote #3

The Lorax said,
"Sir! You are crazy with greed.
There is no one on earth
who would buy that fool Thneed. (109-12)

The Lorax could learn a lesson or two in diplomacy. Dissing the Thneed like this isn't winning him points with the Once-ler.

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