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The Lorax
The Lorax
by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax Lines 109-122 Summary

The Lorax Sucks at Predicting the Future

  • The accusations fly from the Lorax's lips. The Once-ler, he says, is "crazy with greed" (110). Then he disses the Thneed, arguing that nobody will ever buy it.
  • (We have to admit, we're kind of tempted by the fuzziness and color choices of the Thneed. And, of course, the whole butterfly milk scent.)
  • Bad timing. Right after the Lorax tells the Once-ler that nobody needs a Thneed, somebody comes up and buys one for just under four bucks. Hmmm.
  • The Once-ler laughs at the Lorax, who reminds him that it's he who speaks for the trees. (In case you'd forgotten.)
  • Obviously, this isn't swaying the Once-ler. He tells the Lorax to get lost.
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