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The Lorax

The Lorax


by Dr. Seuss

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The Lorax Lines 150-170 Summary

The Lorax Comes Back

  • A week goes by before the pesky Lorax pops up again. He stands outside the Once-ler's private office and more bossing ensues. 
  • Apparently, he not only speaks for the trees, but he's also in charge of the Brown Bar-ba-loots, who used to have happy lives eating fruits and basking in shade.
  • Now the poor things look awful: bloated bellies, drooping ears, grimaced faces. Only the whites of their eyes are visible, and their fur has lost its fuzzy, pet-able sheen.
  • Since the Once-lers are cutting down all the Truffula trees, the Bar-ba-loots have no more Fruits to eat. This leads to gas and the overall "crummies" (160).
  • The Once-ler watches sadly as the Lorax sends the Brown Bar-ba-loots away to search for food in some other land.
  • Is the Once-ler coming around? Not so much. Sadness takes the back seat to his chief concern: expanding the Thneed business.

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