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The Lorax

The Lorax


by Dr. Seuss

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The Lorax Lines 179-205 Summary

Smogulous Smoke, Gluppity-Glup, and Schloppity-Schlopp

  • This time the Lorax finds the Once-ler in the Pipe House adjusting some pipes.
  • Naturally, the Lorax, who is having trouble breathing, has more complaints. First of all, pollution from the Once-ler's factory has made the air practically unbreathable.
  • Pointing to the sky, the Lorax makes the Once-ler watch the now droopy, frowning Swomee-Swans leave town in search of a sky unpolluted by "smogulous smoke" (184).
  • Next, the Lorax takes the Once-ler by the green-gloved hand and leads him into the Thneed factory. It seems the machines in here operate 24-7 and they produce a lot of waste, i.e., "Glupitty-Glup" and "Schloppity-Schlopp" (198).
  • (Shmoop works 24-7, too, but only makes environmentally friendly Shmoopity-Shmoop.)
  • The problem with this waste is that it gets shot into the heretofore sparkling clean pond, now a brown gooey mess.
  • This is bad for the Humming Fish, who hum no more since "their gills are all gummed." That's one more group of creatures sent away by the Lorax. They swim out of the pond and walk away on the grass.
  • P.S. Most fish can't walk.

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