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The Lorax

The Lorax


by Dr. Seuss

The Lorax Lines 86-94 Summary

Enter the Lorax

  • After the Once-ler knits the world's first Thneed, something crazy goes down. That crazy something is the Lorax.
  • The Once-ler sees the Lorax squeeze itself out of the trunk of the chopped down tree. (Whoa.)
  • (Here's a question for the kids: how does the Lorax come out of the top of the tree trunk without leaving a hole? If they know the answer, we'd love some insight. Other fun ideas: get them to make the sound of the Lorax emerging from his stump: "ga-Zump" [86]. Toddlers and onomatopoeia go really well together.)
  • Hmmm, how to describe the Lorax? The Once-ler isn't quite sure. 
  • Basically the Lorax is a fuzzy, "oldish" (91), oval shaped little guy with a bushy walrus mustache. Oh yeah, and he's kind of yellowish orange. 
  • He's a bossy creature (who probably reeks of moss and sawdust) and he uses a shrill voice to do the bossing.
  • Who does he boss, you ask? Why, the Once-ler, of course.
  • Actually, the bossing comes later. First come the questions.

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