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Lord Byron Music

Virgil Thomson, Lord Byron

This opera is based on the tumultuous life of Lord Byron. It begins at his death and flashes back through his years of fame and infamy. If anyone lived a life worthy of operatic theatrics, it was Byron.

Raffaello de Banfield, "Una Lettera d'Amore a Lord Byron"

Byron's poems have inspired many musical compositions. "Lord Byron's Love Letter" is a musical interpretation of one of the many, many love letters Byron wrote to his many, many lovers.

Roscoe Mitchell, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

The African-American jazz musician Roscoe Mitchell has a composition based on Byron's first major epic. In Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Byron explored themes of identity, alienation and the search for self. These themes are material for artists of all nations and eras.

Richard Arnell, Lord Byron

The English composer Richard Arnell wrote symphony in 1952. It is a musical portrait of Lord Byron, a symphonic expression of his biography.

Mozart, Don Giovanni

About fifty years before Byron began working on his poem Don Juan, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed an opera based on the same Spanish legend. Listen to Don Giovanni while you're reading Don Juan.

Lloyd United, Lord Byron

Lloyd United is a quasi-Celtic ukulele band. Read that sentence one more time to make sure you understand its awesomeness, and then listen to their album Lord Byron.

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