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Lord Jim

Lord Jim


by Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim Chapter 13 Summary

  • As the French lieutenant wraps up his story about rescuing the Patna, he assesses Jim's situation and the significance of Jim's actions.
  • By the way, we learn that this conversation took place three years after Jim's trial, at which point Jim was working as a water-clerk.
  • This reminds Marlow of another one-time water-clerk named Bob Stanton, who drowned while trying to rescue a woman from a sinking ship.
  • We now interrupt this digression to bring you back to Jim and Marlow's conversation. We go back to the night of Jim and Marlow's conversation.
  • Jim is going to be sentenced the next day, so Marlow offers him some cash to skip town, just as Captain Brierly suggested.
  • But Jim is more moral than Marlow gives him credit for. He refuses and insists on seeing the trial through to the end.
  • The pair parts awkwardly, and Jim runs off into the night.

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