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Lord Jim

Lord Jim


by Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim Chapter 20 Summary

  • Marlow goes to visit Stein, who is old and lives alone in a big house. We learn that he was a political revolutionary and adventurer who lived in Malaysia for many years.
  • He was even married to a princess there, with whom he had a baby daughter. But his wife and daughter died, and Stein has lived alone ever since.
  • A noted naturalist, he collects butterflies, and he tells Marlow the story of the day he captured his most prized one. Cue another digression.
  • After getting a run-down on Stein, Marlow tells Stein Jim's story. Stein is sympathetic. He thinks Jim's problem is that he's a romantic. Well that doesn't sound so bad, right?
  • In the end, Stein agrees to help Jim. We hope this turns out better than the last time someone tried to help our guy.

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