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Lord Jim

Lord Jim


by Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim Chapter 22 Summary

  • We're all wondering about this Patusan place. Good thing we have Marlow to give us a the low-down. According to him, Patusan is a small island that was a Dutch trading hotspot for years.
  • The ruler of Patusan is a dim-witted sultan, but he doesn't have any real power.The real ruler of the island is the sultan's uncle, Rajah Allang.
  • By the way, Stein, a German, has a fondness for Brits because of his friendship with a Scotsman named Alexander McNeil. Alexander introduced Stein to his future wife. No wonder he has a soft spot.
  • When Stein and Marlow fill Jim in on their Patusan idea, Jim is thrilled. He's ready and raring to go.

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