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Lord Jim

Lord Jim


by Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim Chapter 23 Summary

  • The day Jim departs for Patusan is frantic. He rushes around getting ready.
  • As a parting gift, Marlow gives Jim a revolver.
  • For his gift, Stein gives Jim a ring and a letter of introduction to a friend of his, Doramin, who is a leader on the island.
  • While Jim finishes packing, Marlow talks with him. He's starting to grow weary of the headstrong youth. Meanwhile Jim packs a volume of Shakespeare with him, which surprises Marlow.
  • After a hasty farewell, Jim leaves, forgetting the bullets for his revolver. We see a goofy Jim enthusiastically waving his empty revolver around in the boat that's carrying him out to the ship that will take him to Patusan.
  • The rowers of the boat don't realize that our Jim is a pretty hapless guy. They think the revolver is loaded, so they row faster than necessary, worried he might shoot them.
  • Marlow rushes to catch Jim to give him the bullets he left behind. When he finally makes it aboard Jim's ship, the two say another goodbye and Jim sails away, waving.

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