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Lord Jim Chapter 43 Summary Page 1

  • Jim's huffy ultimatum strikes a chord, and Doramin comes around to his viewpoint. He agrees to give Brown safe passage off the island, so Jim arranges for the pirate's departure.
  • Understandably, he feels a lot of pressure because everyone is letting Brown go on his suggestion.
  • When Tamb' Itam goes to let Dain Waris know about the change of plans, Jim gives his servant his silver ring to give to Dain Waris, so he'll know the message can be trusted.
  • Then, Jim sends Cornelius, who has rejoined the group, to let Brown know that he and his men can leave. He suggests a route, and tells them to be careful.
  • Worst idea ever. We mean it. In the grand tradition of bad ideas, this ranks right up there with New Coke.
  • The devious Cornelius tells Brown he can leave, but he fails to tell him that Dain Waris isn't planning to attack. Instead, he lets Brown know exactly where to find Dain Waris's armed party.
  • Soon, Brown and his group head out to find Dain Waris, thinking that the war is still on.
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