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Lord Jim

Lord Jim


Joseph Conrad

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Lord Jim Characters

Meet the Cast


Oh Jim. We want to like you, we really do. After all, you are the star of the show, and the whole novel revolves around you and your story. But you make it so hard by mucking things up all the time...


Marlow the StorytellerMarlow, Marlow, Marlow. He's a slippery fellow, isn't he? For someone who spends the whole novel talking, he sure doesn't talk a lot about himself. All we know for sure is tha...


Jim's Main SqueezeShe's the apple of Jim's eye, the jewel in his Patusan crown, the love of his life (okay, that might be pushing it; the love of his life is totally the sea). Great. But who is she...

Gentleman Brown

Gentleman Brown is not, we repeat, not a gentleman. Point of fact: dude's a pirate. That doesn't exactly scream upstanding citizen. He stirs up ten kinds of trouble for our Jimmy. Yep, he ruins jus...


Evil stepfather, scheming sidekick, sniveling coward, general nuisance. Cornelius is the thorn in the side of anyone and everyone who gives a hoot about Jim, or, you know, basic human decency. He i...


Call him Marlow 2.0. An adventurer and naturalist whom Marlow seeks for help in getting Jim a job, Stein is yet another European (German) man making his living out in the empire. Sounds familiar, r...

Captain Brierly

In a moment worthy of the opening scene of Sunset Boulevard, no sooner do we meet Captain Brierly than we find out he's already dead. What the heck happened?He jumped overboard at sea barely a week...

The Patna Crew

Captain of the PatnaThe German captain of the Patna opted to abandon ship at the first sign of trouble. That's really all you need to know about him, and it is not good. It would be like the Skippe...


Doramin is one of the book's most prominent leaders and father figures. On Patusan, Doramin is the leader of the Bugis, a group of islanders, and he's the father of Jim's BFF, Dain Waris. Doramin h...

Dain Waris

Dain Waris is the Robin to Jim's Batman, the Sam to Jim's Frodo, the ice cream to his apple pie. The dude is a sidekick, and an awesome one at that.Conrad also makes Dain Waris a character in his o...

Minor Characters

Alexander M'NeilThis Scotsman was a friend of Stein from back in the day. Alexander helps introduce Stein to his future wife, a Malay princess, and Stein always remembers him fondly.Bob StantonStan...
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