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Lord Jim

Lord Jim


by Joseph Conrad

Marlow Timeline and Summary

  • Marlow meets and befriends Jim during the Patna inquiry. He listens attentively as Jim tells his story, and develops a strong interest in helping him.
  • After the trial, Marlow writes letters to his friends and helps Jim land a position as a water-clerk.
  • He continues to keep track of Jim over the years and often helps him find new jobs, which Jim keeps quitting.
  • Eventually Marlow introduces Jim to Stein and helps him land a gig managing a trading post on the island of Patusan.
  • Two years later, Marlow goes to visit Jim on Patusan. When he returns from his trip, he tells Jim's story to a group of avidly listening sailors.
  • Later, Marlow learns of Jim's death on Patusan, so he tracks down some more information.
  • Once he gets the whole story, he writes a letter to one of the men to whom he had told Jim's story, and tells the tale of Jim's death on Patusan.