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Lord Jim

Lord Jim


by Joseph Conrad

Lord Jim Resources


Conrad on the Victorian Web

Everything you needed to know about Big Joe C. and then some. Great information, including biographical info, literary criticism, historical context, and other good articles.

Conrad at The Literature Network

Jonesing for some Joseph info? This site will answer your prayers.

The Joseph Conrad Society

Geek out among fellow Conrad nerds at the British Joseph Conrad Society site, which has lots of links, academic resources, and scholarly articles.

Conrad Festival 2010

Don't forget: Conrad was Polish, and they love to celebrate him in Krakow. They even have an annual bash in his honor.

Joseph Conrad Literary Criticism

A bibliography for the bibliophiles out there. Check out this site if you want to read Conrad criticism.

Was Conrad a Racist?

Here's one reader's answer: no. But there's room for debate, so read this article and make your own call. You've read his book, so trust your gut.

Conrad at the National Portrait Gallery

A collection of portraits and photographs of Conrad from the National Portrait Gallery in London. See the man from every angle possible. Fair warning: you might be sick of looking at him by the time you're done.

Movie or TV Productions

Lord Jim (1965)

This film version of Lord Jim starring Peter O'Toole (a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia) as Jim.

Lord Jim (1965) on TCM

TCM's page for Lord Jim, which features trivia and articles.

Lord Jim (1925)

1925 silent movie version directed by Victor Fleming, the guy who directed The Wizard of Oz.

Historical Documents

Installment in Blackwood's Magazine

We've already told you that Lord Jim was originally published in installments in a magazine, and now you can see an installment for yourself.

Virginia Woolf on Joseph Conrad

Virginia Woolf, a literary giant in her own right, wrote this essay in 1924 to honor Conrad after his death. It was published in The Common Reader. Sounds like our kind of magazine.


Clip from Lord Jim

Here's the scene from the 1965 movie in which Peter O'Toole – er, Jim – boards the Patna.

Meet Gentleman Brown

Now introducing the evil pirate himself (or, rather, played by James Mason).

Joe's Bio

Brief clip from a Joseph Conrad biography that contains some pretty adorable pics of our author as a young boy.


Lord Aloud

You can listen to the whole book here. Yep, someone took the time to record all forty-five chapters, and he didn't even get paid.


He's a Master

This certificate officially declared Conrad a master of the sea... or something like that.

Conrad Monument

Anchors away. This achor-shaped monument to Conrad can be found in Gdynia, Poland, which is, fittingly, on the coast.

Photo-booth Conrad

Great images of Conrad, photo-booth style, from Alvin Landon Coburn, taken in 1916.

Baby Joe

Surly even at a young age.

Old Conrad

You may not like him, Shmoopers, but you can't deny, Conrad's got style.

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