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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies


by William Golding

Lord of the Flies Chapter 11 Quotes

How we cite the quotes:

Quote 13

"I just take the conch to say this. I can't see no more and I got to get my glasses back. Awful things has been done on this island. I voted for you for chief. He's the only one who ever got anything done. So now you speak, Ralph, and tell us what. Or else—"

Piggy broke off, sniveling. Ralph took back the conch as he sat down.

"Just an ordinary fire. You'd think we could do that, wouldn't you? Just a smoke signal so we can be rescued. Are we savages or what?" (11.19-21)

Piggy sees losing his glasses as the end of civilization; Ralph sees it as not being able to keep a signal fire going. Either way, they're really hanging on by a thread here.

Quote 14

Samneric protested out of the heart of civilization, "Oh, I say!—honestly!" (11.175)

Sam and Eric maybe be surrounded by painted boys, but there's still a little piece of civilization left—the part that protests when rules of a silly game get broken, or when someone flips over the Monopoly board.

Quote 15

"Which is better—to be a pack of painted Indians like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph is?"

A great clamor rose among the savages. Piggy shouted again. (11.202-3)

Well, when you put it like that, civilization actually sounds kind of boring—like staying in and doing your homework when everyone else is going to an awesome party at the beach.

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